Best in sketch

Collection of drawings and sketches

In the 60s and 80s it was customary to present their ideas with sketches and drawings, each delegated person was free to express himself at best according to his abilities and attitudes.
There was no competitiveness, no work in a group, every work was well identified in the executing person as the works of art or craft of all times suggest, the idea is and will always be individual.

To this reference I made public the ideas transcribed using the communicative language very similar to the symbology (graffiti, ideograms, scrolls, etc.) from which the writing we use today is derived.
The drawings (which are nothing but writing) represented here are the first drafts that will be followed by the realization of the product, whatever it is, from the means of transport to everyday objects almost always corresponding to the original sketch.

I have tried to transfer and maintain the soul, which remains in all that man builds, difficult to identify but is the basis of the product's success.

When a designer or a designer is preparing to solve a problem, there are only two things in front of him, a sheet of paper and a pencil, the rest is creativity and in some cases genius, the magic moment is when the hand begins to trace a line that will stop only after completion of the work.
Consider that these exhibited drawings are the embryo that will transmit the emotion to fulfill the project and that it will always be the dominant motif in its final dimensions.