Paolo Martin

Who is Paolo Martin


Italian Design Creator

Paolo Martin, one of the Masters of Italian Automotive Design, is precisely this type of man: designer of machines never seen before, of very luxurious boats and two-wheeled vehicles as well as commonly used objects such as hairdryers and medical equipment. However, a look at the sketches of Martin is enough to understand how reductive it is to identify his genius with a mere list of his creations.

The inventor of the Ferrari "Modulo" of 1970, a touchstone of the concept-car fifty five ago as it is today, was in fact a prolific creator of cars, motorcycles, boating, bicycles and all-Italian objects, in the early seventies today it continues to amaze the world with its genius and its artistic streak. He has collected in precious volumes, drawings, sketches and photographs telling his approach to work, the method of development and refinement of ideas, all that exists between the intuition of the first hour, the presentation of the model of study and the production start-up.

"Thinking in three dimensions means that when I imagine something, I imagine it already placed in matter; that's why I call my Three Dimensional Thinking models. The fact that you use design as a means is to remember. "

Work out of time

"I work out of time", art manages to escape the force of time, Paolo Martin does not think about time, about the years where he lives, he works in a condition where time has not marked his way of thinking, his estro led him to think about the future even in those years where the evolution of design blossomed towards new horizons.

His creativity has not been affected by time, fashions, currents of thought, the new way of doing design, an example is the Ferrari Form, no fear of comparison, is not a daughter of his time, will never grow old, will not pass never.

Paolo Martin designer

Martin is a designer intimately linked to matter, to the sinuosity of forms. Without studies, without documentation, the idea takes shape within him in his imagination and his hands work with him for him to give life to his works of art. The idea is emotion and takes shape only to make itself visible. The form follows the function and not vice versa, because what the designer does first must be used, have a specific purpose. Whether you are talking about boats, cars, scooters or shoes, the process of identifying translates the idea into its definitive form that brings with it the answer to a need.

With Pininfarina joins the world of Italian designers

The entry into Pininfarina represented the important leap from the small craftsman to industry: all my consciences were limited to a small space, and in this new environment they suddenly expanded.

In Pininfaria I had the forge of having carte blanche directly from the director Martinengo, a freedom that allowed me to vent my creativity and understand myself better in my profession: I designed many cars and I learned to know both my limits and my abilities .

It was an environment where it was great to work: work was taken as fun, so it was not competitive at all.

With Martinengo then we were a beautiful couple, his passion for painting meant that he saw cars in a poetic key.

The design of Paolo Martin models are quite different in shape and personality, with few distinctive elements of his hand, reason explains Paolo Martin is to be found in his curious and volatile character and therefore his cars and his objects do not follow an archetype fixed, this is why the distinctive elements are missing.

"I like to invent, and inventing is always a new experience. Then I find that this freedom reflects me. "

After Pininfarina comes the free profession, a choice dictated by the desire for continuous evolution, experimenting more and more, making the decision even after working with Piaggio

Setting up one's own requires courage and impudence, but surely you gain a lot of experience and freedom to decide, an important element for a creative. We need to know what we can give and then do it.