Super Hawaii GT 63' - 1991





I never imagined I would have to face the development of the dead work in the nautical field later on, but as we say "never say never"

Toru Suzuki, one of my Japanese referents, one day introduced me to a fellow countryman who had a mania for boats, he wanted something exceptional and different from the usual.

He had, by his own choice, contacted one of the best designers of living works and transmissions resident in Annone Brianza, Ing. Fabio Buzzi the off-shore world champion of those years, his was the famous Gancia dei Gancia, Buzzi quickly designed a 63 ”hull but with an exceptional engine, a 4000 CV Licoming turbine to be managed as a final report through a reduction to gears.

I took care of the aesthetic part, saw the birth of that "monster" and heard the first scream on the lake of Lecco, it was like the emotion of a birth.

The boat took part in the Venice Montecarlo and honored itself despite being a prototype.

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