Record FB 80' - 1990



In detail, the work alive (the lower area) was designed by Ing. Fabio Buzzi: equipped with four 1,500 HP engines, it offered exceptional performance, winning several world speed records in 2001: Monte Carlo, London-Tour of England, Miami-New York, Around the World, Crossing the Atlantic. The design of the still-life (the upper part) is by Paolo Martin, who created the 1/20 scale model directly and followed the stylistic evolution in the 1/1 construction carried out in the Annone Brianza construction site.

At the beginning, the required "image" was not really recreational, as instead happened later: it was the opposite of a "technical" and essential boat, designed to enhance the hydrodynamic qualities of the hull totally built in Kevlar, of the motorization and of Trimak transmissions, designed and built by Buzzi himself. "The work was exciting because there were no constraints conditioned by the market or the shipowner, but everything was aimed at optimizing mechanical and technical resources": the final result had therefore nothing to be "fashionable", but totally preserved the spirit initial.

Today this model is produced by Otam of Santa Margherita Ligure with the name Millennium Line Record 80; the general characteristics are as follows: Length: 25.50 m Width: 6.05 m Weight: 50 Cruising speed: 52 knots Diesel Tank: 14.920 l Motorization: Caterpillar C32 4 × 1670 HP


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