Piaggio Cosa -1973


Having personally carried out the study and execution of the wooden model shown on the side, I have to make a note; I particularly remember some products, this is one, that did not come as I thought having been manipulated by several people: Michelotti, my master said that "The camel is the restyling of a horse after a meeting of leaders" this is the worst they have could have done, a unique failure also from the point of view of advertising, it seemed that the Vespa faded, adoption of plastic everywhere, square lines. The name WHAT meant "what"?
These Executives used to spend time in bureaucracies and hearings without deciding anything when there was a sudden stimulus, they had a crisis of rejection.
I personally believe I have done a good job even though it is very difficult to try to rejuvenate a generational icon like the Vespa, unfortunately not all the donuts .....!