Moto Guzzi 350/500

Moto Guzzi 350/500-GT The history of the Moto Guzzi 350 GTS began in 1971, when De Tomaso wanted to create a large motorcycle hub by first acquiring Benelli and then the Mandello del Lario company. The somewhat unscrupulous Argentine entrepreneur commissioned his technicians to purchase a Honda 500 Four engine to study it in detail and, based on that experience, design a 500cc 4-cylinder engine with qualities similar to the Japanese one. That new engine was used to equip the Benelli 500 while a 350cc version was destined for the Moto Guzzi 350 GTS. For the record, it should also be remembered that from that first engine the Pesaro technicians also obtained a 750cc six-cylinder version which went on to power the legendary Benelli 750 six. If the engine wasn't exactly all De Tomaso's sack flour, the chassis, all Italian, however was much appreciated while the lines were even entrusted to the Ghia and Vignale body shops, famous for having designed the lines of some of the most prestigious cars of the stable by DeTomaso.