Maxi scooter Cina

Maxi scooter China

1998 - Maxi Scooter 250 cc
By 1998 the scooter of various sizes was becoming the favorite over any other form of two-wheeled vehicle for short to medium range travel. I tried to design a convenient and comfortable maxi-scooter, with a coherent and refined bodywork in terms of design, two large seats with relative footrests carved into the platform and housing for two helmets.
It was too radical an innovation for a large company like Piaggio, and so the project was not followed up.
Today, however, interest in similar vehicles has definitely "awakened", and not only in Italy: in Japan, for example, some three-wheelers are used for the urban transport of foodstuffs or as service vehicles for small entrepreneurs and Merchants.
Other novelties for the time were the disc brakes on both wheels and the possibility of mounting a windshield for two people, perfectly integrated with the line of the vehicle. Furthermore, by widening the rear, the structure would have made it possible to accommodate two wheels, to create a "three-wheeler" conceptually similar to the Urbano. The Maxi Scooter actually had a productive sequel, but only for the Chinese domestic market.