Royale Stutz-1976


In 1976 I had the opportunity to confront myself with an unusual theme for us designers from the old continent. It was a matter of designing and building a Top car appropriately lengthened on a Cadillac Deville chassis for particular personalities, respecting the image of the parent company. The main problem was that we were not in possession of the drawings of the frame, but the only possibility was to draw "arm". The company of CECOMP models and prototypes did not have technical drawings of this size and therefore, the experience helps, I started drawing on a sheet of glossy paper ten meters long, which attached to the wall took two sides of the room (I never had drawn in vistarama). It was all a problem. The lattice was traced with a cord, air bubble and plumb line. The drawing was made with a compass, square and curvilinear (the famous "Marisa"), but in a strange case there were no second thoughts. A curiosity: every morning, for a week, it was necessary to pull the paper because at night, with humidity, it sagged, but in the end I decided that it could be an advantage because certain curves came from the sun. When I made the first pilot sketches (A-B) it almost made me laugh. Who could buy a monster like that? In the end, however, changing mentality, I succeeded. The realization was carried out by the Fontana body shop and the first cars were purchased by the president of Gabon, Omar Bongo and by King Fhaad, who took even two. The car was 7,500 mm long with a weight of 3000 kg. As accessories it had: Armored standard, 360 ° rotatable hydraulically liftable throne, fridge, bar, intercom, telephone, tape recorder, tv and Bacarat service in crystal and all the internal metal parts 18 K gold plated, for a total cost to the "public" of $ 285,000 (in those years it was the most expensive car on the planet). Today it is very rare and highly sought after.