Studio-Wind Piaggio -studio -1986


1986 Piaggio Formula Wind

Proposal made for Piaggio with 125/200 cc engine. This solution with two seats in tandem was addressed to a young public, even before the arrival of maxi-scooters and "quads". The choice of the passenger arrangement, in tandem and under cover, was dictated in order to have a minimum midsection section so as to obtain a reduction in overall dimensions and also an excellent penetration coefficient. The study of the frame included an aluminum box with polymer supports for the bodywork, and extremely light doors. The project, certainly in the avant-garde in 1986, was abandoned for investment reasons, which would have been excessively high in relation to the economic return, as it resulted from a market survey. However, the proposal that, in terms of urban mobility and reduction of environmental impact, could be resumed today, assuming an electric or energy motive remains valid.