Studio-De Tomaso Pantera/studio-1972



Dusting off among the memories, this project of late 1972 happened to me in which Alessandro De Tomaso commissioned me to study a new car on a Pantera chassis in production. I proposed to translate the essential characteristics of this car, giving the final image extreme compactness, strength and musculature. As usual, I made the 1:10 scale wooden model and then the 1: 1 scale model in polystyrene was built. Unfortunately, the model, after a brief and agitated consultation, was not exhibited in the appropriate venue, but remained for days in a corner, used for other types of needs, of the workshop of Ghia Spa. Revised today, this project, which anticipates many of current and non-current sports “compacts”, suggests the complete lack of intelligence and foresight of certain characters. Cases of life! 


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