Studio- MCT -Modular Civil Tractor-2005




 In 1985, on the occasion of the Shanghai Fair, I proposed a multi-purpose and modular vehicle study, with the aim of limiting production and operating costs. The engine provided was electric or traditional and was placed between the axles, with a wheelbase of 2,000 mm, a length of 3,500 mm and a width of 1,500 mm. There was the possibility of a central guide to the right or left, in order to free the lateral space for the transport of long packages with the consequent relative ease of loading. The platform was composed of three equal and multiple platforms, with the possibility of fixing modular ready-made containers, fixing seats for 6 people + 2 and provision of a cover with two specular roll-bars joined by a rigid or canvas roof. All the additional elements had been designed to fully exploit the load space in the way most suited to the user's activities. I believe that to date this idea is still valid, especially if equipped with 4WD traction, for civil use of any kind.