Studio-City Car tre posti / studio -1986




We are in 1998 and the study concerning this minicar project was my initiative. To the companies to which I had presented it did not give confidence, being the market of those years projected towards more performing models as performances and more qualifying as image. As is my usual practice, going against the tide, I carried out this study by giving myself specific points, which began to have consideration and be reviewed a few years later and confirmed today. The vehicle had to weigh around 400 kg, had no paint and all the wiring had to be integrated into the structure. The floor was double sandwich with a 50 mm offset glued with structural foam, it also had to be extremely rigid and maintenance-free. Dimensionally, the wheelbase was 1600 mm, the front track was 1200 mm. and the rear of 1400 mm, for a total length of 2400 mm. The notable difference between the two carriageways was due to the trapezoidal development of the vehicle in the plan to facilitate access and exit in confined spaces. The doors were tilting, integral with a transverse shaft, assisted by torsion bars and held in place from two rear-view mirrors as terminals. The rear-view mirrors had built-in direction indicators. The main machine body was in polymers and in the same color, attached to a half-frame made of square-section tubes to which suspension and engine were coupled. The upper part, including the windscreen and the rear window, was also monolithic and in the same color. The vehicle could be used without doors, or without a roof, turning into a pick-up. But the most important news was the three-seater solution, two backlashes of 500 mm. with the front seat rotating to the right or left of 40 ° to facilitate access. In 1992, Mercedes introduced the small Smart with two dry seats and a length of 2500 mm. Today Nissan presents MIXIM with very sophisticated solutions, but on the design and practical side quite similar. Twenty years have passed and when people have filled the streets with SUVs and off-road vehicles, perhaps they will understand this simple and economical project like a refrigerator.