Studio-Ferrari BB - 1969


1969 Ferrari BB Module derivation 




In the study of this car there was an attempt and ambition to transfer the image and philosophy of the Form 512 to the road, which in any case had given me some enthusiasm and I was happy to be able to "civilize" that monster and make it efficient and practical. The design process was very short and after the first drawings I realized that it was very difficult to insert such a fluid image in a context of established and insurmountable quotas. The problem was due precisely to the proportional dimensions and position of a cap and the relative cooling radiator. The project was shelved prorpio for these obvious problems of proportions. Quite annoyed by this fact, I cursed the radiators which, as far as I knew, did not yet have the sealed circuit. Sealed circuits that existed instead, and of which, not being a technician, I had not been informed by my "superior", who instead was well informed and had proposed to me outdated technical drawings and above all with mandatory proportional quotas. In the next office, instead, they worked "in great secrecy" and with a radiator suitable for what would later become the official Ferrari 512 BB. There remains the regret of not having been able to see this car that was born on the basis of the Module on the road and not knowing what impact it would have had on the public and on the car design of those years.