Studio-Abart 2000 - 1969




High performance sports berlinetta studio. In these drawings the essentiality of the project can be sensed, born without giving much weight to emotional design, but offering maximum functionality and efficiency. In Solution A there was an extension in the rear fenders extension which can be raised as an aerodynamic brake or, according to the angle, to increase the load on the rear train, all with hydraulic control. In Solution B the Man-Machine concept was highlighted, clearly dividing the two functions, as can be clearly interpreted by the sketches. The drawing C instead represents an application of a "roof-windshield" in a single piece, with air intakes in optimal dynamic position and spoiler integrated in the rear. The research of that time did not take much account of the regulations in general and the stylistic interpretations were sometimes very advanced. However, these drawings and solutions are from the year 1969 and have been repeatedly presented as novelties in recent times.